Proposals FAQ

For a summary of our bargaining proposals and University response to date, see: Bargaining Update #3.

For our full bargaining proposals, see Bargaining Bulletin #2.

Petition FAQ


Q. I am graduating soon. Should I still sign?

A. If you’re graduating, it is even more important to sign! Our current collective agreement expired on June 30, 2023. There’s back pay involved since wage increases will retroactively extend to July 2023. We want to win what we need at the bargaining table ASAP so we can account for workers who have terms ending March or April 2024.

So far, the University has proposed to limit back pay to members who have an active contract at the time of collective agreement ratification.

Q. What are our petition demands?

A. Read and sign the petition here. Through the petition, we demand respect, dignity, and living wages ($25) for all members of our unit. Our collective agreement expired on June 30, 2023 (as soon as we bargained our previous, retroactive agreement). So far, the petition has been critical to getting the University back to the table after they cancelled our bargaining dates through February and early March.

Q. Can I be punished for signing a petition?

A. No. Organising is our right, and our collective agreement explicitly protects us from retaliation (see 5:15 for both Student Casual & FT/PT). If you experience any harassment or discrimination in retaliation for exercising workers’ rights, we can intervene as a union.

Q. Does this petition mean we’re striking?

A. There is no direct relationship between this petition and a strike. A strike is a strategic, collective decision we take when all other attempts to arrive at an agreement at the bargaining table fail. Demonstrating unity builds our leverage at the bargaining table to achieve the wins we need. This is why we are circulating this petition.

Q. What are the updates on CUPE 3261/3902?

A. While we are no longer bargaining on the same timeline as CUPE 3261 (service workers) and CUPE 3902 (TAs and postdocs), we are excited that their organising efforts have made for defining wins at the bargaining table. On Monday, March 4, 2024, CUPE 3261/3902 signed historic tentative agreements securing living wages ($25/hr) for all and huge improvements to working conditions. CUPE 1230 is next, and the first step is this petition.