Bargaining Update #3 (Mar 12, 2024)

From Mar 12, 2024 email titled: “CUPE 1230 Bargaining Update #3: University response to our proposals”.

Full University responses are linked at the bottom of this post.

Dear CUPE 1230:

Yesterday, on Monday, March 11, 2024, the Student Casual and Full-Time & Part-Time bargaining committees met with the University for our third round of negotiations. At this meeting, the University responded to some but not all of our proposals.

We encourage every member to review the full response. Here is a summary:

Our proposals – see past update for details

Univ. response – see attachments for details


A City of Toronto living wage ($25.05) for all, including SLA’s/ACAFA’s

5.7%* (Jul ’23) 2% (Jul ’24) 1.8% (Jul ’25) annual across-the-board (ATB) increases

Back pay only for employees actively employed on date of ratification

$2/hr lead premium when assigned lead duties

Agreed for SLAs

1 sick shift/mo (current: 1 Jan-Jun + 1 Jul-Dec)

doctor’s note reimbursement if applicable

4 sick shifts** per calendar yr, taken anytime

no response on doctor’s note reimbursement

bereavement leave to cover 5 shifts

(current: covers immediate shift)

No response


5.7% (Jul ’23) 3% (Jul ’24) 3% (Jul ’25) annual ATB increases

5.7%* (Jul ’23) 2% (Jul ’24) 1.8% (Jul ’25) annual across-the-board (ATB) increases

Back pay only for employees actively employed on date of ratification

5 days PPL (current: 4 days PPL)

Proposed 1 additional PPL for a total of 5 days. HOWEVER the University insists on eliminating our right to take these paid personal days in 1hr increments. They propose we can only take them in ½ days or full day increments.

AWA language

Verbally proposed to adopt USW 1998 language and phase out flex time (Kronos)

5 days PPL (current: 4 days PPL)


$200 boot allowance

Agreed in Student Casual response

Retirement Bridge Benefit Outside of the Pension Plan / Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program for retirements effective Jun 30, 2024-Jun 30, 2026, based on “first come first served” basis then seniority

No limits to healthcare appt flexibility

(current: 7 hr/yr)

No response

Health benefit coverage maximum increases

Increase Educational Assistance by $200 for UofT graduate programs, and by $50 for non-degree work-related courses

*The 5.7% University-proposed wage increase retroactive to July 1, 2023 is lower than the 9% retroactive increase achieved at USW 1998 and other CUPE locals since our prior increase was not capped at 1% by Bill 124.
**This is a win we build on from the We are U of T campaign, and CUPE 3261 Casual Unit’s tentative agreement. While we are no longer bargaining on the same timeline as CUPE 3261 (service workers) and CUPE 3902 (TAs and postdocs), we are excited that their organizing efforts have made for defining wins, outlined in these historic tentative agreements (Mar 3, 2024) securing living wages ($25/hr) for all and huge improvements to working conditions.

We will be returning to the table on Thursday, March 14 from 9AM-1PM.

We are stronger together. The progress of our petitionnow showing the majority of our local united, has been critical to getting the University back to the table. The University’s lack of response to a demand for a living wage for all members tells us that we must continue to unite behind this demand if we are going to make significant gains – we are clear that our collective action determines our power at the bargaining table and the collective agreements we win.

To do your part: Sign the petition if you haven’t yet, wear your pins EVERYDAY until we get an agreement (coming soon near you if you don’t have one), and stay tuned for forthcoming actions.

In solidarity,

CUPE 1230 Student Casual and Full-Time & Part-Time Bargaining Teams

Julia Greenfield
Pat Grace
Alex Jung
Maya Larrondo
Murat Simsek
Amanda Wagner